Quality Assurance Through Business Analysis

Strengthened foundation of legacy system with thorough documentation and QA of on-going updates

As one of the most established names in the Canadian real estate market, Royal LePage has provided high-quality service to its customers since its inception in 1913. Royal LePage uses an intranet known as the RLP Network as one of the main points of interaction between its franchisees and their respective employees.

In order to better serve their customers (franchisees), Royal LePage recognized the need for enhancements and broader functionality within some of the key systems of the RLP Network. Furthermore, it was identified that some back-end development was required to bring stability to the integration with third-party companies that provide data to the RLP Network.

Our solution

Due to the lack of current documentation, Affinity first approached the project from a business analysis perspective, analyzing all available documentation and system architecture diagrams. From there, requirement gathering sessions were a collaborative effort between the project teams, in which detailed, current requirements were captured and planned system enhancements were outlined. The result was an up-to-date and comprehensive requirements document intended to inform Affinity’s QA group’s testing of the application.

“We engaged Affinity to provide QA services for our ongoing updates to our intranet as well as to document our current systems. We were extremely pleased with all their services. The documents produced were of very high quality.”

Fred Curry
Enterprise Systems Architect at Royal LePage

Affinity then began its Quality Assurance process by designing a structured and thorough process for the testing of the RLP Network. Affinity authored a detailed Master Test Plan including the overall test strategy, resource assignments, and the scope and approach for each type of test to be conducted. It also included details surrounding test data and environments, test estimates and schedule, testing risks, assumptions, and constraints.

Royal LePage Screenshot 1

Affinity QA Analysts used out-of-the-box thinking together with a sound understanding of the business and functional requirements to author a comprehensive suite of test cases managed within our HP Application Lifecycle Management tool. Test run reports were provided to the Royal LePage project team outlining details such as the number of test cases run, pass/fail statuses, browser configurations, and defects. Any defects found were tracked with thorough defect reports and provided in a timely manner to the Royal LePage development team for resolution. Frequent, detailed communication of Affinity’s testing and results were vital in instilling confidence in the stability of the application before any production releases occurred.

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The RLP Network involves integration to other third-party applications, and uses role-based secure log-in credentials. For this reason, Affinity’s QA Analysts approached testing not only from a functional perspective but also from a user role perspective.


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