Right Methodology Leads to Optimal Shopping Experience at Launch

Robust testing ensured smooth launch of eCommerce site

Early adopters of online retailing, Mastermind Toys existing web site was built on technology that was over a decade old. Obsolete and difficult to maintain, Mastermind determined it needed a complete overhaul of their site to realize the efficiencies and benefits delivered by newer technologies. This re-design would also enable their online retail experience to reflect the highest standards in e-shopping and provide a robust sales promotions engine to Mastermind customers.

Our solution

“We have built our business and our reputation on quality – it only made sense that we would adopt the same standards for developing and testing a best-in-class retail shopping experience for our customers”

Andy Levy
President at Mastermind Toys

Good online retail experiences require web sites that take the highly complex and make it simple for consumers to navigate, respond to offers, and purchase products using preferred methods. In the backend this means tight integration to multiple payment engines and third party shipping providers, robustness and scalability to ensure responsiveness during peak periods, as well as the ability to provide personalization for consumers.

Since Mastermind does not have an internal QA group, they were delighted to engage Affinity’s Quality Assurance team to test the entire application in Affinity’s test environment during development and prelaunch. Affinity recommended a blended team of joint Mastermind and Affinity members to reduce overall project costs and increase familiarity and knowledge transfer to key Mastermind employees.

Affinity’s QA followed a strict methodology using hundreds of cases to reflect real-world scenarios that considered and tested every eventuality. Establishing a replica of the Mastermind site at the Affinity labs provided the foundation for the testing. Testing criteria included multiple browser/device access, search filtering, sorting, ordering, managing user accounts, contacting a CSR via Live Chat, and social media integration. These test scripts represent small sample of the many and varied use cases that Affinity created to ensure the best possible application launch.

Skilled in multiple testing methodologies and experts with a variety of tools, the Affinity QA team brought leadership, experience, and a disciplined approach to the Mastermind online retail store application.

Mastermind Toys ScreenshotAfter running all test scripts successfully, Affinity encouraged Mastermind Toys to perform their own testing. This ensured that Mastermind staff became adept at using the new site, and any questions they had were clarified and potential issues resolved well before the site was launched to customers.

Affinity supported Mastermind’s on-going testing activities by giving them direct access to the Affinity defect management system. Affinity triaged the list to classify genuine defects, identify enhancement requests, or provide clarification regarding application functionality. Affinity helped Mastermind launch a robust online offering that was a delight to consumers from day one.

Mastermind Toys Screenshot

Mastermind Toys is known as Canada’s premier specialty toy retailer, representing the very best in quality toys and books for children. Offering a retail presence at its many store locations in Ontario as well as a virtual experience at www.mastermindtoys.com where consumers can shop from anywhere in North America, Mastermind provides a wide selection of toys that encourage curiosity and challenge thinking.

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